Communities & Small Groups

Our communities, Bible Studies and small groups are organized to facilitate discipleship, to encourage believers to take next steps of growth as followers of Jesus Christ. Studies change often so be sure to check back for a current list.  

  • Fire by Night (Women)

    Calvary Chapel

    Check back this fall for more information. 


  • Joy in the Morning (Women)

    Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 am — Calvary Chapel
    Beginning January 6

    Study: Signs by David Jeremiah

    The end times. The apocalypse. The day of judgment. Terms such as these are both fascinating and frightening for any student of God's Word. They lead us to questions people have wrestled with for centuries about biblical prophecy and the signs and signals that will precede the end of everything as we know it. Dr. David Jeremiah offers answers to these questions and much more. He examines the prophetic writings from the Old and New Testaments to help you cut through the confusion and give you insights about God's plan for humankind as the end times draw near. 

  • Small Groups

    Meeting in homes various days/times

    Our small groups meet three times a year to study God's Word and enjoy fellowship together.  This is a wonderful way to build community within the body as well as to reach out to the community.  

    Please contact the church office if you would like to be a part of small groups.