Growth Track

Growth Track is a four-week discipleship class that covers who we are as a church, Christian theology, spiritual gifts, and Christian service. This class is a launching point for your NEXT STEPS! Sign up today at the NEXT STEPS banner in the lobby or click here.


To become a member of Calvary, we ask that you go through Week 1 of Growth Track with us. This class will tell you all you need to know about Calvary and how to get plugged in. During Growth Track, there will be a membership meal where we will eat together on a Wednesday night and share our testimonies. 


Baptism is an act of obedience we strongly encourage believers in Jesus Christ to pursue. Jesus commands His followers to make disciples of others and an important step for doing this is baptism (Matthew 28:19). Through water baptism, a believer in Jesus Christ publicly identifies as a follower of Christ. If you would like to take this important step, please contact one of the pastors to make arrangements to be baptized.   


Baptism may be done at the church any time throughout the year, but we do have a special lake baptism service each year in August.