Small Groups

Our small groups are organized to facilitate discipleship, to encourage believers to take next steps of growth as followers of Jesus Christ.  These groups foster the formation of close relationships with other believers, relationships characterized by transparency, mutual trust and accountability.  We believe such relationships are important to help us grow spiritually.  Because of the nature of our small groups, many of them are closed groups and not taking new participants.  If you are interested in a particular kind of group that is presently closed, let us know, and we will work to form a new group. 

  • Yours, Mine, and God's

    Sundays, 9:00-10:10 a.m.

    This series on freedom in Christ will talk about how we are often our own worst enemy, making rules in addition to what the Bible says in order to make ourselves feel better and/or impose our rules on other people.  We will start with the expectations we have and what other people might have of us, and move our way through what the Bible asks of us. 

  • Dive Deep: Studying the Book of Daniel

    Sundays, 9:00-10:10 a.m.

    Join us as we dive deep into the book of Daniel.

    This small group  is designed to reach young adult men and women.  

  • Getting Real:  A Hard Look at Touchy Subjects

    Sundays, 9:00-10:10 a.m., Beginning January 26th

    This class will cover several topics relevant to our lives today: homosexuality, transgender, socialism, abortion, racism, freedom of speech, and the life of Jesus. 

  • Fire by Night (Women)

    Mondays, 6:30 p.m. - beginning January 13th

    A Study of Genesis 1-11, by Jen Wilkin

    It all began with the Word.  The opening chapters of Genesis teach us fundamental truths about God. We watch Him bring light after darkness, order after chaos, and rest after toil—all through the power of His Word.

    Over 10 sessions of verse-by-verse study, dive into Genesis 1-11 by following three critical stages of understanding: comprehension, interpretation, and application. Revisit familiar stories and historical figures, challenge your basic knowledge, and discover deeper meanings in the text. As God reveals Himself through Scripture, we can only begin to understand ourselves when we first glimpse the character, attributes, and promises of our Creator.


  • Bible Study Fellowship (Women)

    Tuesdays, 4:00-5:15 p.m., September-May

    Bible Study Fellowship is an international, nondenominational organization.  Women around the world have found peace, comfort, hope, security and answers to life's big questions in God's Word.  Each meeting includes video teaching and small-group discussion.  Class members spend time in personal Bible study during the week.  This year’s study is entitled “Unstoppable - Acts and Letters of the Apostles.”  Visit for more information.  

    Ladies are welcome to join at any time throughout the year.  Please bring a friend to this community Bible Study hosted by Calvary.

  • Moms & Tweens

    2nd Tuesday of every month, 6:15 p.m.

    This group for moms & their tween daughters (ages 8-12) will study Lies Girls Believe.  

    Today's girls face a number of challenges we never dealt with at their age. From skyrocketing anxiety rates to bullying on social media, the Enemy's lies are everywhere. How do you help the girl you love walk in freedom? Equip her with Truth. Join us for a mother/tween daughter Bible study based on the books Lies Girls Believe and A Mom's Guide to Lies Girls Believe by Dannah Gresh, author of Secret Keeper Girl. This study will help prepare your daughter for the difficult challenges she'll face in the world today and to understand the Truth so she can live the way God meant for her to live—free! 

  • Joy in the Morning (Women)

    Wednesdays, 9:00-11:00 a.m. - beginning January 15

    With her bestselling book You're Already Amazing, Holley Gerth encouraged women to discover who God made them to be and to pursue His purpose for their lives. In this interactive LifeGrowth study, Holley will guide you through an engaging process that helps you apply heart-freeing truths to every aspect of your life, from relationships, to work, to how you pursue your dreams. God's plans for your life are better than you can imagine, and you'll see them unfold in new ways as Holley guides you to embrace this life-changing truth--that you truly are already amazing.

    The six sessions include:  Who God Created Us to Be, What's True No Matter How We Feel, Our Amazing Journey with Jesus, God's Plan for Our Relationships, God's Purpose for Our Lives, and How We Can Thrive for a Lifetime.

    Childcare is available by reservation.